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Public Holidays / Closures

The Embassy of Spain in Astana, its Consular Section and visa centers in Astana and Almaty will be closed on the following Dates in 2019:

Date Week Day Holiday
1 January Tuesday New Year
2 January Wednesday New Year
7 January Monday Christmas
8 March Friday International Women’s Day
21 March Thursday Nauryz
22 March Friday Nauryz
25 March Monday Nauryz
1 May Wednesday Day of the Unity of Nations in Kazakhstan
7 May Tuesday Day of the Defender of the Fatherland
9 May Thursday Victory Day
10 May Friday Victory Day
8 July Monday Day of the Capital of Kazakhstan
30 August Friday Day of the Constitution of Kazakhstan
1 November Friday All Saints Day
2 December Monday Day of the First President of Kazakhstan
6 December Friday Spain Constitution Day
16 December Monday Day of the Independence of Kazakhstan
17 December Tuesday Day of the Independence of Kazakhstan
25 December Wednesday Christmas